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  • During 2010 and early 2011, cardiac care center and other departments have received brand new equipments donations from different donors worth about Rs. 80 lacs , ( $ 150,000.). They are all brand new with updated technology and brand names with state of the art features

    1. A brand new 2 D portable echo machine has made home in our ICU and CCU unit.

      It is one of the rare gems at Gujarat hospitals level. Only three to four hospitals have it. It has been donated by Shri Kantibhai Keshavlal Kapadia family, Mumbai. Worth about $ 30,000, rupees 15 lacks.

      It has already performed about 100 bed side 2 d Echos. It gives very prompt and helpful diagnostic tool in emergency conditions without inconvenience to patients.

    2. Two brand new Respirators; seven years back, our center was only center to provide respirators ( artificial respiration care ) support care.

      It has saved many lives during :

      • Cardiac Arrest

      • Respiratory Arrest

      • Snake Bites and Other Poisoning

      • Car Accidents and Trauma

      • Strokes

      Any many dire emergencies have been handled .

      It as out lived its life over seven years.

      Two brand new respirators have been donated by two donors, worth Rs.30 lacs..

    3. Premises close circuit security.

      It has now fully close circuit TV and other video recorded channels to monitors patients and other traffics in hospital campus. Donation received. Rs. 1.5 lacs.

    4. Laboratory Upgrade.

      We have received Hormonal essay analysis :

      • Thyroid functions tests

      • Prostatic antigens test for prostate cancers

      • Other cancer detections tests.

    5. Out patient cardiac non invasive lab update

      2 D echo machines was getting rugged and old over seven years. It has performed 5500 test of 2 d echos and other carotid studies and leg vascular studies.

      It was time to replace with new one; Brand new 2 d echo machine with Philips company has been purchased by CCC.

      To provide modem technology and accurate diagnosis at nominal cost of Rs. 350 per patients where other centers are charging Rs. 1000, to Rs. 1200 for study.

      Cost of this machine ran to Rs.16 lacks.

      God bless to all donors.

  • Mukhtidam project

    Out of 20 cremation, 13 were cremated on Gas furnace- or gas pyre; which is very positive and encouraging news, specailly for village like khambaht. According to the survey wood furnace was very hight in demand but in practical Gas furnace is working very well. it takes about one hour and thirty minutes; They are trying to improve the system, by increasing gas volume, then it may take only 35 minutes and less cost. We need to learn from set example and make our world better place.