• Our mission is to bring health care within the reach of every individual. We are committed to the achievement and sustenance of excellence in healthcare for the benefit of mankind.

  • Our vision is to provide Comprehensive and Prompt Healthcare Solutions to the patients, synchronizing the Expertise of leading health experts sensitized to the needs of the patients with state-of-the-art Medical Infrastructure.

  • At It is always a Dream of Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) living in this country to help the needy people in their motherland - India. To realize that dream, various options to help the inhabitants of Khambhat, which is located in the district of Anand (Guj.), were explored by a group of well-wishers - DR. BHUPENDRA KAPADIA, DR. THAKOR RANA, SHRI MOHAN PATEL and DR. BIPIN SHAH. -- with their expertise and dedication to set up a CARDIAC CARE CENTER with fully equipped ICC-ICCU units along with out patient cardiac diagnostic center since these facilities are not available in the radius of 50 Kilometers from Khambhat area, and which has 200,000 people and which includes 90 small villages.

  • One Kind hearted NRI spent little less than two years personally to look after the project. After two years of work, the Cardiac Care Center was inaugurated in July 2003 by the Health Minister of Gujarat, Shri I. K. Jadeja. The Center, working under the roof of the Cambay Medical Relief Society has a starting functioning since 6th July 2003.

  • Patients and their relatives are provided with facilities that bring joy on face. Apart from physical facilities like Air-conditioning room equipped with ultramodern equipments, total 18 beds of which 10 are monitored ICU/ICCU, ambulance with defibrillator multipara monitor and ventilator and ultramodern equipments etc and Dialysis Unit are at the service of patients.

  • We treat the patients with right medication at right time that with polite and homely attitude. The hospital has certain unique services in its own premises which provide services of the comfort and convenience to the relatives of the patient. The relatives have choice to stay in the hospital's ultramodern visitor's hall at free of cost.

  • We, Cardiac Care Center - Khambhat, have recognized the importance of prevention and control of Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) as a professional discipline. We strongly believe to achieve excellent standards in heath-care services, provision of safe environment for patients, visitors, health-care professionals and employees form an integral part of the practice in a clinical setting. We have a team of highly qualified and reputed professionals in their fields. The CARDIAC CARE CENTER is the first special care hospital to have a dedicated, full-flagged and well- equipped Department in the District of Anand. Increasing cost of certain drugs is now becoming a burden to the patients going through various critical illnesses. We put our attempt in minimizing such problems to help in cost-effective health-care services with successful management of patients with best-possible outcome from their sufferings.

  • The department of Diagnostics are open round-the-clock and for every one. Treatment for Emergency & Critical Care is also available on 24hours basis. This is the only hospital where dedicated Cardiac consultancy is available day and night in presence of a senior Cardiologist Consulatant.

  • We hope, we are delivering what people want - every thing under one roof. And our efforts would continue to do so.